Episode 143 – “Okay, so I have an “employee” on my farm, now what?”

On this week’s episode of the Agronomy and Farm Management Podcast, Bruce and Josh talk to Jeff Lewis, Program Coordinator for OSU Income Tax Schools & ANR Extension. Jeff talks about employees on the farm and some of the legal obligations associated with employees and independent contractors.

Episode 142 – Summer ’24 Weather Outlook

Dr. Aaron Wilson joins us for our summer weather update. We look back on a spring that was quite opposite of last year and what we can expect this summer. We also answer listener questions on a variety of weather topics!

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Episode 141 – May WASDE Report Analysis with Dr. Seungki Lee

On this week’s episode of the Agronomy and Farm Management Podcast, Bruce and Josh talk to Dr. Seungki Lee, Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics. Dr. Lee examines the May World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report and gives his thoughts on what the report predicts for the 2024 crop year.

Episode 140 – 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Celebrates 10 Years!

The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification program is celebrating 10 years in Ohio. Ohio is the founding state for this certification and we are proud of the retailers and farmers who choose to follow 4R recommendations. Aaron Heilers, Executive Director of the program, joins us to discuss what the program has accomplished over the last decade.

To learn more about the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification or to contact Aaron, please visit: https://4rcertified.org/ohio-about/.

Episode 139 – Agritourism

Rob Leeds and Kate Hornyak join Bruce and Josh to discuss agritourism. Both Rob and Kate work for The Ohio State University Extension and are involved with their own family agritourism operations. In this podcast, they share the ins-and-out of the industry and their real-life experiences on how to be a successful agritourism business.

Click the links below to check out Rob and Kate’s family operations!

Rob – https://www.leedsfarm.com/

Kate – https://www.hornyakfarms.com/

Episode 138 – Planting Green

We caught up with Drs. Alyssa Essman and Dan Quinn at Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference to pick their brains about planting corn and soybeans into green cover crops. They share information on how to ensure good seed furrow conditions at planting and how to manage the cover crop at different stages. We also discuss herbicide strategies and advantages when planting green.

Episode 137 – OSU Extension Freezer Beef Budget

Garth Ruff, Ohio State University Extension Beef Specialist, joins us to talk about some aspects that freezer beef producers need to take into consideration to become a profitable operation. Garth also shares a new tool developed by Stan Smith and himself through excel called the “Freezer Beef Budget 2024”. This budget accounts for costs, assets, and the retail value of the beef the producer is charging.

To learn more about the budget, you can visit your local extension office or visit: https://farmoffice.osu.edu/farm-management/enterprise-budgets#2024

Episode 136 – Weather Outlook Spring 2024

Dr. Aaron Wilson joins us for our quarterly weather update. We look back on yet another warm winter and what that means for agriculture. We also discuss what spring weather patterns look like and how that may affect planting.

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Episode 135 – ARC/PLC Election Deadline is March 15th!

Clint Schroeder joins us to talk about the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) for the 2024 crop year through the USDA Farm Service Agency. These two programs provide financial protections for farmers in the event of substantial crop price drops. Clint explains how these programs can be used a safety net for Ohio farmers and the resources to connect with to elect into these programs.

Episode 134 – Winter Wheat Tips

Temperature ups and downs over the winter have us wondering what impact it will have on potential wheat yield. Dr. Laura Lindsey, Soybean and Small Grains Specialist, walks us through getting wheat off to a good start, evaluating it in the spring and how much correlation that has with yield. She also shares the latest research and technology developments to look for in the future.

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