Episode 6 – Late Season Soybean Insects

We asked Dr. Kelley Tilmon, Field Crop Entomologist and State Extension Specialist, what insects we should look for later in the growing season and when spray applications are warranted. She addresses leaf and pod feeders, how to scout for them, what the thresholds are and some effective control measures. You can find more information on the Agronomic Crops Insects webpage: aginsects.osu.edu/.

Episode 5 – Tariff Implications

Listen in as we interview Ben Brown, Program Manager for Farm Management in the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Developments Economics at The Ohio State University. Brown offers insight into the effects the tariffs imposed by China are having on grain markets. We talk about the options congress has to aid farmers during this difficult time and what the upside and downside is to each. He also discusses what he believes the WASDE report will reveal.