Episode 13 – Preventing Data Horror Stories

Data gathered in the field has great value and is often irreplaceable if lost or damaged. Dr. John Fulton, Precision Ag Specialist with Ohio State, joins us to provide advice on how to handle data to prevent loss. We also talk about data ownership, what data is actually being collected, how to create usable data and where to start for those not currently collecting a lot of information. You can follow the Precision Ag Team on Twitter and Facebook by searching @OhioStatePA. Visit the team’s website at www.ohiostateprecisionag.com.

For more information on Ag Data Transparency, visit: www.agdatatransparent.com.

Episode 12 Bonus – Trade Deficits

During our interview with Dr. Ian Sheldon, he went into a great description of why the trade war won’t fix the trade deficit. We did not have time for it in our regular podcast but wanted to share it with you none the less so here is a short bonus episode on trade deficits.

Episode 12 – Trade Deals and Tariffs

Trade and tariffs continue to be a big topic of interest in agriculture. We have a new trade deal to replace NAFTA, but the trade war with China continues.

In Episode 12, we talk with Dr. Ian Sheldon from the Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics about the impacts of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement to agriculture. We also discuss how the trade war with China is influencing our markets and ultimately, farm income. Dr. Sheldon explains what he sees as the potential long term impacts if a resolution drags out.

To keep up to date on trade and tariff news go to aede.osu.edu/research/osu-farm-management. You can also check out: www.farmdoc.illinois.edu or ageconomists.com.

Episode 11 – Harvest 18 is Underway in Ohio

Harvest kicked off a few weeks ago in Ohio, listen to Episode 11 of the Agronomy and Farm Management Podcast to learn how it’s going so far. We talk with two farmers from Clinton County, Ohio, Neal Bond and Michael Beam. They share their harvest progress and crop conditions, as well as what they are learning from their on-farm research trials.

Elizabeth shares the harvest progress report from the USDA and Amanda provides some reminders as you plan your fall fertilizer applications. Aaron Wilson gives us the weather outlook for the harvest season. To follow along with harvest activities on social media, check out #harvest18 and #eFields.

A list of requirements for fertilizer records can be found at https://nutrienteducation.osu.edu/recordkeeping and the FARM website is at https://farm.bpcrc.osu.edu/.