Episode 16 – Developing Good Leases

This recording from Ask the Expert during Farm Science Reviews features a conversation between Dr. Michael Langemeier from Purdue University and David Marrison, OSU Extension Educator. They focus on creating a good farmland lease. Building a good relationship with landowners is very important and communication is the key. Leasing information and example leases can be found at farmoffice.osu.edu and aglease101.org

Episode 15 – Grain Storage Tips

Kevin Berger from Centerra Co-op joins us as we talk about harvest progress in NE Ohio.

We focus in on how to successfully store grain, especially in a year like 2018 where soybean moisture is higher than usual. We also share some upcoming events. Find out more at http://go.osu.edu/grainplan and http://go.osu.edu/precisionu.

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