Episode 31 – Cover Crop Opportunities

Rory Lewandowski, OSU Extension Educator in Wayne County, discusses three species of cover crops that provide the opportunity to increase forage production, particularly on prevented plant acres. Cover crops also offer nutrient and soil retention benefits compared with leaving the soil bare.

View Rory’s recorded presentation on this subject at go.osu.edu/AgCrisis. Check out the Cover Crop Selector Tool at mccc.msu.edu/selector-tool.

Episode 30 – Prevented Plant Tips

Podcast hosts Elizabeth Hawkins and Amanda Douridas touch on various aspects of prevented plant fields from forage options for livestock to agronomic considerations for fields left bare.

As of recording, all information was accurate but it changes daily so make sure to check with your insurance agent and the FAQ page at go.osu.edu/AgCrisis.

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