Episode 38 – Tax Advice for PP, MFP Payments and more

This may be an unusual year for taxes with prevented plant, market facilitation and cost-share payments. Barry Ward, Director of the Income Tax Schools at Ohio State, shares some strategies on these topics along with how farmers can defer income and use the qualified business income deduction.

Visit farmoffice.osu.edu for more information and find the details on the Income Tax Schools and webinars.

Episode 37 – Take Action against Compaction

Compaction can greatly reduce yield and soil quality and is difficult to reverse. During this wettest decade in history, it has been difficult to avoid wet soil conditions.

Dr. Scott Shearer, Chair of the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at The Ohio State University explains what compaction is, different types of compaction, and how the evolution of equipment has and continues to play a role in compaction.

Episode 36 – Harvest Considerations in an Unusual Year

Extension Educators Jason Hartschuh and Will Hammond discuss ways to maximize combine performance for corn and soybean harvest in an especially difficult year. We also talk about crop quality considerations and ensure quality yield data is collected.