Episode 55 – Weather Wive’s Tales

Our guest this week, Dr. Aaron Wilson, does a fact check on wives’ tales used to predict the weather. We had several submitted by our listeners. Join us to find out which ones hold water and which ones are just plain wrong! We break them down into the 3 categories used most to predict weather: Critters, Plants and Current Weather. Dr. Wilson ends the podcast with a brief outlook for the remainder of the growing season.

Episode 54 – Cover Crop Champions

Farmers from Logan and Champaign Counties received a National Wildlife Federation Cover Crop Champion grant to spread the word about using cover crops. Linda Vernon and Tim Lyden join us to share why they are so passionate about cover crops. Tim discusses his history in using cover, the challenges he’s faced as well has the benefits seen on his farm. As part of the grant, we will hold farmer round table meetings around Champaign and Logan Counties.

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, please contact Amanda at Douridas.9@osu.edu for details. Please help us out with grant report by taking our short survey: http://go.osu.edu/NWFsurvey.