Episode 94 – Meet Osler!

Dr. Osler Ortez joined Extension in January as the new state specialist in corn and emerging crops. He is replacing Peter Thomison who retired. Learn about Osler’s background and what crop his family grows back home. He has a lot of great ideas for on-farm research and is eager to work with growers across the state. You can reach him in the following ways:

Department website: https://hcs.osu.edu/our-people/osler-ortez

Email: ortez.5@osu.edu 

Phone: (330) 263-9725

Office: 214 Williams Hall, Wooster, Ohio 

Twitter: @oortez94

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/osler-ortez-900442129/ 

Episode 93 – 2022 Spring Weather Outlook

It’s that time of year again. Dr. Aaron Wilson, Research Scientist with the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, joins us to talk current weather conditions and reveal what forecasts are saying for this spring. We discuss how the fall and winter weather stack up historically and just how much the spring weather is resembling 2019.

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Special Release: How and Why Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is impacting commodities in the U.S.

Ben Brown, State Ag Economics Specialist at the University of Missouri, joins us to discuss several commodities that are being impacted by the conflict in the breadbasket of Europe. Prices are up in several commodities, not all of them in the favor of U.S. farmers. We dive into the ag and ag related commodities most impacted by this conflict, why they are being impacted, and what else across the world is also contributing to these markets.

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Episode 92 – Planning for the Future of Your Farm [Part 3]

Peggy Hall and Robert Moore join us again in this episode to talk about transition issues unique to farms and what legal solutions are available. Some topics we touch on are: keeping farmland in the family, farm vs. non-farm heirs, and the differences between a will and a trust. Find more information at farmoffice.osu.edu.