Episode 98 – 2022 Growing Season Weather Outlook

We are a couple of months closer to the grain making part of the growing season than when we heard from Dr. Aaron Wilson last (Episode 93). He provides an update on what weather we are likely to expect this growing season. The west is still facing down a historic drought. What does that mean for us here in the Eastern Corn Belt?

Visit climate.osu.edu throughout the year for weather updates, stats and other weather resources for Ohioans. The U.S. Drought Monitor can be found at: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/.

Episode 97 – Dealing with Farm Stress

Stress from an agriculturally related field is intense, especially when Mother Nature plays such a large role. It can feel overwhelming and out of control. We have learned a lot about stress and mental health over the past few years and we continue to work towards breaking down barriers and the stigma associated with getting help.

Bridget Britton, Behavioral Health Field Specialist in Agriculture and Natural Resources for OSU Extension, shares information on what too much stress looks like and tips on how to destress. We also talk about what is underway to provide more help and resources to agricultural communities.

For more information, visit: go.osu.edu/farmstress

Trigger: suicide is briefly mentioned in this episode.