Episode 100 – A look back and forward

We can’t hardly believe we’ve made it to our 100th episode. When we started this podcast, we were not sure where it would lead but we have certainly enjoyed learning about the myriad of topics we covered along with all of our listeners. We thank you immensely for tuning into each new episode.  

Thinking back to 2018 when we released our first episode, so much has happened with widespread prevent plant in 2019, the pandemic in 2020 and the impacts of that continuing to hit us 2 years later.

A few of our favorite guests join us for this episode to reflect on the last 4 years and predict where we are going.

Episode 99 – Automation in Agriculture

Just a few short years ago, driverless tractors made their debut at farm shows and in a few fields around the country. Technology continues to progress making unmanned fleets across farms closer to reality each year. Dr. Scott Shearer, chair of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at OSU, shares his thoughts on where the future of agricultural equipment is going, why it’s heading that direction and what needs to happen to make it a reality.