Episode 133 – Direct Marketing from an 8th Generation Family-Owned Farm

Dirk Dempsey is the Agriculture and Natural Resources OSU Extension Educator for Pike County. Dirk is also the 8th generation in his family to tend to the land on their family-owned farm in Jackson County. In this episode, Dirk talks about joys of being involved in his family operation, their experiences, and the keys to their success through direct marketing.

Episode 131 – Insurance Options for Livestock Producers

Cody McCann and Cody Lovercamp both work for the USDA Risk Management Agency where they oversee the policy language for the livestock policies and the underwriting standards branch. McCann and Lovercamp discuss topics like, what is Livestock Risk Protection? How does it work?  When can you, as a producer, receive these options.

To learn more about Livestock Insurance products follow the link below: https://www.rma.usda.gov/Policy-and-Procedure/Insurance-Plans/Livestock-Insurance-Plans

Episode 130 – How do I make sense of all these records?

Clint Schroeder is the manager for the Ohio Farm Business Analysis and Benchmarking program for OSU Extension.  He works one-on-one with Ohio farmers to evaluate their farm business. Participating operations will get financial ratios and benchmarking reports as well as enterprise analysis if they participate in that portion. Clint explains how to get in touch with the program and how it can benefit your operation.