Episode 102 – Drone Spraying 101

Many farmers are curious about drone spraying. The idea of reducing trips across the field, applying to later growth stages or targeted applications are just a few advantages it may bring to a farm operations. Dr. John Fulton and Alan Leininger join us to discuss what it takes to operate a spray drone. We get into advantages, what regulations are in place and what to consider in hiring a spray drone company.

Alan’s list of Unmanned Aerial Systems resources is available here: https://henry.osu.edu/program-areas/agriculture-and-natural-resources/precision-agriculture-technology.

Episode 84 – Supply Chain Issues in Agriculture

We have heard a lot about the unavailability of everything from new combines down to hydraulic hoses. A lot of you probably have first hand experience in not being able to get what you need. Dr. John Fulton, Professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at OSU, joins us to share why these shortages are occurring and how long he thinks they will continue.

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