Episode 116 – Planting Green Impacts on Weed Management

Cover crops impact cropping systems in more ways than improving soil structure. Dr. Alyssa Essman, soon to be Assistant Professor with Horticulture and Crop Sciences specializing in weed science, continues to expand research on cover crops as they pertain to weed management.

She discusses results from a recent project that looked at termination timing of cereal rye combined with different herbicide programs. Essman also shares with us her plans for the future as she takes on a research and extension role within OSU.

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Episode 95 – BMPs of Weed Control

Dr. Mark Loux updates us on herbicide availability before getting into some specific BMPs for our most difficult weeds: Marestail, Waterhemp, Giant and Common Ragweed and a few others that have made a stronghold in some fields.

The webinar on metabolic resistance, and many others, can be found here: https://iwilltakeaction.com/news/inside-weed-management-webinar-series

The weed control guide and other resources can be found at: https://u.osu.edu/osuweeds/

Episode 89 – How to approach glyphosate shortages

If you are facing glyphosate shortages or looking to reduce use due to increased costs, Dr. Mark Loux, OSU Weed Specialist, offers advice on how to target applications to the areas of the most need. We talk about the specific weeds where glyphosate has the most activity and what substitutes are available. More resources can be found in the C.O.R.N. newsletter or the OSU Weed Management site. The weed control guide can be purchased on the OSU Extension Publications site in pdf or print form.