Shaping Culture and Embracing Innovation with Scott Ray of FedEx

In this insightful episode, join host Dr. Lori Kendall in an engaging conversation with Scott Ray, President of FedEx Ground, as they delve into the intricacies of fostering a corporate entrepreneurial culture. Scott shares his experiences and wisdom, touching on topics such as innovation, organizational growth, and the pivotal role of leadership in steering a large corporation like FedEx Ground through dynamic changes and maintaining a people-first culture.

From Package Handler to President: Scott Ray’s Leadership Journey

Explore the intricacies of leadership with Scott Ray, President of FedEx Ground, in this insightful episode. Join Dr. Lori Kendall as she delves into Scott’s 36-year journey within FedEx, uncovering the essential skills for successful leadership and how interpersonal connections remain crucial, even in the dynamic landscape of today’s multi-generational workforce.