Kurt DeMaagd, Sight Machine

Kurt DeMaagd is Chief AI Officer of Sight Machine, with offices in San Francisco and Ann Arbor. Sight Machine’s Manufacturing Data Platform creates a common data foundation and utilizes data gleaned from artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a systemwide view of end-to-end manufacturing processes. 

In July 2023, Sight Machine introduced Factory CoPilot, adding a ChatGPT-based natural language interface to its Manufacturing Data Platform to give non-experts access to manufacturing problem solving, analysis and reporting. In October 2022, Sight Machine introduced Sight Machine Blueprint, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA and Microsoft, which uses AI for high-speed, automated data labeling so that manufacturers can analyze up to 100x more of their data.

Kurt has managed teams of data engineers and data scientists, worked with sales and engineering teams and served as the customer-facing technical lead. Prior to Sight Machine, he served as director of the Perl Foundation that promoted the use and development of the Perl programming language and taught as assistant professor at Michigan State University. His doctoral degree is in business administration from the University of Michigan and he earned his bachelor’s in computer science from Hope College.

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