Episode 04: How making impacts the design process

In this episode of the Thinking through Design podcast, host Adam Fromme sits down with Jeff Haase

“And when you draw with crayons, you bring back all kinds of memories of being a kid playing. As your creativity sort of opens up a Pandora’s box.” Jeff Haase

Their conversation offers a compelling insight into the evolving landscape of design education, urging designers to embrace curiosity as a catalyst for exploration and discovery. In doing so, the discussion encompasses the integration of technology, the significance of diverse tools and the enduring importance of curiosity in fostering creativity and innovation.

Jeff is an Associate Professor and Interior Design program coordinator in the Department of Design at Ohio State University. He is known for his innovative restaurant designs, notably shaping various esteemed Columbus venues. His multifaceted career spans award-winning designs across healthcare, hospitality and corporate sectors, while his academic focus centers on redefining spatial representations.

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