Episode 06: Designing for yourself

In this episode of the Thinking through Design podcast, host Adam Fromme sits down with Yvette Shen.

“You cannot just rely on artificial intelligence, because that’s a very dangerous zone, and that means you are replaceable.” Yvette Shen

Their conversation digs into the intricacies of self-reflection, data visualization and creative expression through the lens of design education. They discuss the role of biases in design, the significance of data interpretation and the challenges of balancing personal expression with objective analysis. As they speculate on the future, they highlight the need for self-awareness and critical thinking to serve as pillars of innovation and impact.

Yvette is an Associate Professor in the Department of Design at Ohio State University. Born in Shanghai and educated in both China and the US, she is an interdisciplinary designer with a focus on human-centered solutions. With experience working for clients like Lenox Hill and HGTV, she emphasizes collaboration and problem-solving in her work. Her research centers on two main areas: improving data comprehension and fostering collaboration through design and leveraging design to promote positive emotions and behaviors for well-being.

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