Episode 08: A call for contamination

In this episode of the Thinking through Design podcast, host Adam Fromme sits down with Fabio Di Liberto.

“So the act of designing, changing the world, is something that is belongs to us.” Fabio Di Liberto

Their conversation settled at the intersection of empathy in design and the importance of intentional play in the workplace. At its core lies the concept of contamination theory, advocating for the intentional exposure to diverse experiences and interests as a catalyst for creativity. Fabio underscores the importance of discomfort, curiosity and the role of surprise in this process, challenging conventional thinking and fostering innovation. Overall, they offer a holistic exploration of design as a transformative approach that integrates curiosity and creativity with a deep understanding of human experiences. Their conversation ends with a call to reconsider the way we approach design, emphasizing its potential to create positive change and foster a more empathetic and sustainable future.

Fabio is a visionary designer with a background in architecture and a passion for photography, travel, and philosophy. He combines creativity with purpose, infusing his work with a unique perspective. As the Brand Innovation Officer and founder of Habitus®, a sustainable brand innovation consultancy, he drives meaningful change. Previously, as Brand Director at ISKO™, he focused on global strategies centered around people. With over two decades of experience in brand, product, and service innovation, his mission is to create unforgettable experiences. Fabio is a Fulbright Scholar with a master’s degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute and a degree in Architecture from the University of Palermo.

Show notes: The episode includes reference to Metamorphoses by Emanuele Coccia

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