Abraham Badu Looks for Affordable Diagnostic Tools

Professor Abraham Badu-Tawiah is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Ohio State University where he studies photochemistry in droplets and disease diagnosis. He’s a recipient of an Early Career Award from the Department of Energy, an Eli Lilly Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry, and most recently an American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Arthur F. Findeis Award for Achievements by a Young Analytical Scientist.

Michael Neblo is Optimistic about Democracy

Michael Neblo is an Associate Professor in the Ohio State University Department of Political Science, an affiliated faculty in the department of philosophy, and the Director of the Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability (IDEA). His research focuses on deliberative democracy and political psychology. His new book, Politics with the People: Building a Directly Representative Democracy, develops and tests a new model of politics connecting citizens and elected officials to improve representative government.