Can’t Make Decisions? Prof. Ellen Peters’ Research Can Help You Understand Why

Ellen Peters, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Director of the Decision Sciences Collaborative, joins David Staley to discuss judgment, decision making and choice architecture, as well as Prof. Peters’ forthcoming book, Innumeracy in the Wild: Misunderstanding and Misusing Numbers.

Bord(hers) Around Bodies: Professor Lucille Toth Describes the Power of Dance

Going through an airport security checkpoint calls for people to enact the same physical movements. The Bord(hers) improvisational dance project created by Lucille Toth, assistant professor of French at The Ohio State University Newark campus, aims to explore these motions and ask how borders impact immigrants.

Harvey Miller Uses New Mobility Data to Understand Cities and Transportation

Trucks, buses, autonomous cars, scooters and bikes: everyone is crowding onto roadways. Professor and Chair of Geographic Information Science in the Department of Geography Harvey Miller talks with David Staley about how GIS can help make sense of it all. 

Jennifer Schlueter: Making Found Text into Theatrical Events

So you’ve found a 28-volume transcription of a 1920s spiritualist who believed a thwarted seventeenth century authoress spoke through her. What do you do? Theatre Professor Jennifer Schlueter’s approach with this and other texts is to work with collaborators to create performance events built out of archival material. Listen in as she describes her process and how, with experimental work, sometimes failure is the best teacher.