Jim Fowler Sees Math Everywhere

“It encompasses practically everything I do in some capacity or another,” he tells David Staley on the Voices of Excellence podcast. Fowler, an Assistant Professor of mathematics at The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences, researches geometry and topology and uses computational techniques to attack problems in pure mathematics. 

Asteroids Isn’t Just Fun to Play; It Has Great Physics, Says Professor Chris Orban

An Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, Chris Orban specializes in computational physics and uses video games like Asteroids and Angry Birds to demonstrate coding and physics to his freshman classes at the Marion campus. He discusses both with David Staley on the Voices of Excellence podcast.

What’s French? Prof. Danielle Marx-Scouras Moves Us Beyond Paris

When Americans think of France, they often think of Paris. But many other locations and cultures thrive in France, such as the Toulousain rock band Zebda, whose activities French & Italian Professor Danielle Marx-Scouras chronicles in her book La France de Zebda. She discusses French culture and politics with David Staley on the Voices of Excellence podcast.

Karen Hutzel Describes the Making of Art and Cultural Policy

Associate Professor Karen Hutzel is Chair of the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy and interim Chair of the Department of Art. She recently discussed cultural policy and collaborative art making with David Staley on the Voices of Excellence podcast.

Hearing Loss Can Slow Learning to Read, Says Prof. Gail Whitelaw

Gail Whitelaw, Clinical Associate Professor of Audiology in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, joins David Staley on Voices of Excellence to discuss audiology, the importance of early hearing loss detection, and the impact of hearing loss on learning to read.