Can We Teach Hope? Jennifer Cheavens Says “Yes”

Jennifer Cheavens, Associate Professor of Psychology at The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences, joins David Staley this week on Voices of Excellence podcast to discuss positive psychology, prosocial behavior, and how hope is defined as a research topic. 

“Are Longer Commutes Necessarily Inefficient?” Morton O’Kelly Says Not Necessarily

Morton O’Kelly, Professor of Geography and Divisional Dean for the Social and Behavioral Sciences at The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences, is fascinated by how things and people get from one place to another. He discusses whether Columbus is a more efficient city than San Diego or Las Vegas and if airlines that use point-to-point versus hub-and-spoke networks save or cost you money.

United States Nearly as Politically Polarized as Post-Civil War Mozambique: Paul Beck

Paul Beck, Professor Emeritus of Political Science in the College of the Arts and Sciences, co-coordinates the Comparative National Election Project, which surveys voters in dozens of countries to compare their views. He talks with David Staley about what the project reveals about democracies, including the United States, on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Prof. John Beacom: Science Is Not About Trying to Memorize What’s in a Book

This week on Voices of Excellence, Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy John Beacom describes neutrinos, the fun part of science–learning something new–and the importance of science outreach for introducing young people to the field. To this end, Beacom leads the college’s Science Sundays events, which begin this Sunday at 3 PM at the Ohio Union U.S. Bank Conference Theater.