Two Million Photos, 150 Years: Time and Change at Ohio State

The Ohio State University Archives has a huge number of photographs, events, and stories that could have been included in the Ohio State University Press’s recent book Time and Change: 150 Years of The Ohio State University. The group behind the book–Tamar Chute, University Archivist; Tony SanFilippo, director of The Ohio State University Press; and Paul Nini, professor in the department of design–recently sat down with David Staley on Voices of Excellence to talk about the decisions that went into the production of the book.

Statistical Modeling Can Coax More Information Out of Medical Studies, Says Elly Kaizar

Statistical modeling can reveal many hidden facts, such as the best time to start certain treatments for childhood traumatic brain injuries. Elly Kaizar, Professor of Statistics, has shown that statistically combining data from several sources gives us the opportunity to learn more about treatment effectiveness as it varies with different treatment implementations and across populations. Prof. Kaizar discusses this topic and more ways statistical analyses can mitigate imperfect data collection with host David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Do You Laugh or Cry When a Character Cries on Screen? Asks Laura Podalsky

Professor and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences Laura Podalsky specializes in Latin American film and cultural studies and researches the relationship between Latin American culture, politics and socio-historical formations. Her latest project examines how films encourage us to respond with empathy or laughter to character emotions.