Do You Form a Mental Image of a Podcast Host? Kathryn Campbell-Kibler Has Research For You

Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics, researches sociolinguistic variation, small differences in pronunciation, word choice, and syntactic structures that listeners use to form an impression of a speaker. She also discusses her “See Your Speech” linguistics project, an interactive website that gives users visual displays based on acoustic analysis of their own speech. Listen to her discussion with host David Staley on Voices of Excellence

What Popular Soft Drink Gets its Caffeine from Waste Tea Leaves and Coal? Bart Elmore Knows

Bart Elmore, Associate Professor of History, is a core faculty member of the Ohio State Sustainability Institute and author of the book Citizen Coke: The Making of Coca Cola Capitalism. He joins David Staley this week on Voices to discuss the history and business practices of large companies like Coca Cola, Monsanto, and Bayer.

Which Supreme Court Justice did Executive Dean Gretchen Ritter Interview?

Gretchen Ritter joins David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence to discuss the “amazing experience” of interviewing a sitting Supreme Court Justice and to describe her vision for the College of Arts and Sciences: encouraging more full-time students, promoting the value of a liberal arts education, and creating lifelong learners, among others.

When Proteins Go Wrong: Amanda Hummon’s Cancer Research

Amanda Hummon, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, researches the intersection of analytical chemistry and chemical biology with a focus on cancer biology, especially its origins and how different drugs can impact tumor growth. Join Dr. Hummon for her discussion with David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence.