Making App-ropriate Dance: Hannah Kosstrin describes the KineScribe Program

Hannah Kosstrin, Associate Professor of Dance, researches dance, Jewish, and gender studies. She is Project Director for KineScribe, a Labanotation iPad app supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Tune in to hear her discussion of the app and how dance movements are recorded on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Morality is a Product of Our Emotions, Says Justin D’Arms

Professor of Philosophy, Justin D’Arms, researches moral theory, meta ethics, reason and rationality, evolutionary theory and the philosophy of emotion. His forthcoming book, Rational Sentimentalism, is an “articulation and defense of sentimentalist theory of value.” Listen to his talk with David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

“Columbus Is Perfectly Poised Right Now to Do Something That Toronto Initiated” – Goldberg-Miller

An Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller researches arts and cultural entrepreneurship and creative economic development, among other areas. She argues that, like Toronto did a few years ago, Columbus is ready to implement a cultural plan to guide its development. Hear more of her discussion with host David Staley on Voices of Excellence.