Prof. Ola Ahlqvist Tells Us How to See the Forest For the Trees

Professor of Geography, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Enrichment, and Executive Director of the Honors and Scholars Center, Ola Ahlqvist studies cartography, land cover change, geographic information, and online maps. He also looks at the impact that the definition of terms has on research, such as what defines a forest. Listen to his discussion of this and more with David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Jim Phelan Describes the Power of Narrative

Distinguished University Professor and Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor in the Department of English, Jim Phelan, also serves as Director of Medical Humanities and Director of Project Narrative. He joins David Staley to define narrative theory, identify the many audiences built into narratives, and discuss how “narrative competence enhances medical competence.” For more of his research, listen to this week’s Voices of Excellence.