Voices of Excellence Hits the Century Mark!

Voices of Excellence will release its 100th episode on November 18th. Join host David Staley as Olivia Miltner from ASC Marketing and Communication talks to him about interviewing dozens of faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences, what he’s learned about interdisciplinary in the college, and what he hopes listeners gain from the podcast. For more of her discussion with David Staley, listen to this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Building Capacity: Joni Acuff on Collectives, Movement Work and the Arts

Joni Acuff is an Associate Professor, Graduate Studies Chair, and Diversity Chair in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy. Recently, she’s been researching the collective work of artists and art educators of color, with an eye to recognizing and supporting emerging social justice collectives and coalitions.

Pioneering in the Language Program Director Field: Holly Nibert

Holly Nibert, Associate Professor of Hispanic Linguistics and Language Program Director in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, researches phonology and phonetics, the acquisition of a second language sound system, and the principles and practices of second language classroom instruction. Recently, she’s been writing a book about how to be a language program director, in an effort to help professionalize the position.