For Rebekah Matheny, Architecture Takes You To the Front Door, But Interior Design Takes You In

Associate Professor of Design Rebekah Matheney studies interior design, sustainable design, retail experience design, curricular economy, and higher education design. Her recent work has examined slow retail, how retail design can impact all areas of sustainability by slowing down its pace, similar to slow food and slow fashion.

Elizabeth Hewitt on the Speculative Fiction of Alexander Hamilton

Elizabeth Hewitt, Professor of English, studies African-American literature, American literature before 1900, and economics in literature. Her most recent book, Speculative Fictions, examines the economy in the early United States with a focus on Alexander Hamilton and his attempts “to explain economic science in a way that didn’t just depend on empiricism.” 

Russ Fazio On Whether We Mean What We Say On Surveys

Russ Fazio, the Harold E. Burt Professor of Social Psychology, researches attitude formation, change, and accessibility, attitude-behavior consistency, and social cognition. His work in social cognition seeks to understand the thought processes that underlie social psychological phenomenon.