“A Hip Hop Dissertation is a Community Body of Work:” Dr View Describes His Research

Stevie ‘Dr. View’ Johnson, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Creative Practice in Popular Music at The Ohio State University. He joins Voices of Excellence host Prof. David Staley to discuss the origins and evolution of hip hop, the significance of the 50th anniversary of hip hop, the influence of hip hop in the South, and Dr. View’s work on the Fire in Little Africa project. The interview also delves into Dr. View’s approach to Hip Hop Studies and the unique format of his hip hop dissertation, which won the Bobby Wright Dissertation of the Year Award. Additionally, it covers Dr. View’s Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellowship at Harvard University, his thoughts on becoming a professor, and his upcoming research projects and album releases.

Brian Skinner Talks Physics, From Basketball to Quantum Entanglement

Brian Skinner, associate professor of physics, joins David Staley this week to talk about his wide range of research topics, ranging from quantum entanglement and its implications to the physics of crowds and basketball play-calling.