States-in-Waiting: Professor Lydia Walker on Decolonization and Untold Histories

Lydia Walker, Assistant Professor and Seth Andre Myers Chair in Global Military History at The Ohio State University, researches histories of decolonization, nationalist insurgence movements, and the concept of “states in waiting”, which also serves as the title of her forthcoming book. She discusses the Nagas people, colonial historical and social structures in India, and the impact of the United Nations on nationalist movements with Voices of Excellence host, David Staley.

OPEEP: Empowering Incarcerated Voices with Mary Thomas and Tiyi Morris

Mary Thomas, Professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Tiyi Morris, Associate Professor in the Department of African American and African Studies, both serve as co-directors of the Ohio Prison Education Exchange Project, also known as OPEEP. They talk about the program, which has brought Ohio State students and professors together with incarcerated individuals across the state in the context of higher learning. They also discuss transforming education through feminist pedagogies, decolonization, intergenerational learning, and accessibility.

Sara Butler: Medieval Myth Buster

Sara Butler is the King George III Professor in British History and the Director for the Center for Historical Research at The Ohio State University. She specializes in medieval history and legal studies, with a focus on understanding ordinary people’s lives, particularly women, in medieval times. She challenges misconceptions about medieval society, arguing that women had significant roles and rights, especially in economic activities. Butler’s research covers diverse topics such as marital relationships, divorce, forensic medicine, and penitential justice. She also describes her archival research challenges, her childhood fascination with history, and the activities of the Center for Historical Research at Ohio State University.

Schlingman Talks Skeptics, the Las Vegas Sphere, and the 2024 Eclipse

Wayne Schlingman, Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Arne Slettebak OSU Planetarium, talks with host David Staley about the importance of the planetarium, active engagement, and learner-centered environments in educating students and the general public. He also discusses the future of immersive technology and its potentials for education, scientific, and artistic exploration.