How Have Haitian Authors Hacked Classical Forms? Tom Hawkins Tells All

Tom Hawkins, Associate Professor of Classics, looks at the ways that societies create social hierarchies and how the lower ends of those hierarchies interact with the higher. His forthcoming book explores the way Greek and Roman literary models and themes have been used, appropriated, and hacked by Haitian authors.

Gregory Jusdanis Looks at the Poet C. P. Cavafy and Blossoming in Middle Age

Gregory Jusdanis, Humanities Distinguished Professor of Classics, researches modern Greek literature and culture, including the poet C. P. Cavafy. His recent work has been a biography of Cavafy, co-written with Peter Jeffries, exploring, among other areas, how Cavafy rejected his early poetry and found new expressions in his later years.

Think You Know the Classical World? Think Again, Says Carolina Lopez-Ruiz

Carolina Lopez-Ruiz, Professor of Classics, studies ancient Greek literature and classical mythology, and Greek and Near Eastern interaction and colonization. She strives to show that this period was more than just traditional Greek influences, with many cultures interacting and influencing each other.