How Does Vladimir Kogan Spend His Free Time? School Board Meetings, Of Course

Vladimir Kogan, professor of political science, researches the activity of school boards across the state and the country to analyze their real impact on students and the communities they preside over. He discusses the misalignment of many school board policies with the needs of students as well as his forthcoming book project with the working title “No Adult Left Behind”.

Alex Thompson Looks at How Climate Change Agreements Have Evolved

Alexander Thompson, Professor of Political Science and Senior Faculty Fellow at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, conducts research in international relations with an emphasis on the politics of international organizations and law. From the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement, countries have tried different tactics to deal with climate change.

Are Your Political Views Hereditary? Skylar Cranmer’s Brain Scan Research Suggests It Is

Skylar Cranmer, the Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Professor of Political Science, researches network science, such as forecasting the evolution of complex networks or exploring whether brain scans can predict political partisanship. He joins host David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence to discuss network science, which incorporates fields from political science to physics to mathematics to biology, among others.