Jesse Fox: Virtual Reality Mythbuster

Jesse Fox, Associate Professor in the School of Communication, researches the effects and implications of new media technologies, including virtual worlds, video games, social network sites, and mobile applications. Virtual reality has gone through booms and busts in the 15 years she’s been studying it, so she talks about what it can and cannot do (ex., VR isn’t an empathy machine) with David Staley on this week’s Voices of Excellence.

Got a Crisis? Lanier Holt Knows What You Should Say

Lanier Holt, Associate Professor in Communication, researches journalism, media effects, and social psychology, with a focus on the impact media messages have on audience perceptions of African Americans, women, and other traditionally marginalized groups. He shares with host David Staley how he prepares students in his crisis communication class by having them represent contentious clients at mock press conference, such as Donald Trump after the Capital Insurrection.